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Z Agency's artists are available for: 

  • any kind of editorial work, from the book to the magazine. 

  • offering a solution to clients in the advertising, design, publishing, corporate, fashion and gaming industry. 

  • meeting your needs. If you are an art director, we will be happy to discuss your project.

Veronica Ruffato

Veronica graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice.
She attended at the Ars in Fabula Master in Macerata. Her work is sparked by the fictional world of cinema, comics and literature. She always has eye for the emotional link between reader and character. 


. The Ugly Duckling, H.C. Andersen, 2018, Zoolibri



Veronica Ruffato

María Moya

María is a Fine Arts graduate from Murcia, Spain. Then she attended the “Master Studies of illustration for Publishing” in Macerata, training also with Pia Valentinis, Vittoria Facchini and Gabriel Pacheco. Her illustration are inspired by nature, her world is full of tiny details always full of humour and tenderness.



- Il Domatore di Foglie (The Leaves Tamer),

written by Pina Irace, 2014 and 2018, ZOOlibri.

- L’omino del blu (The Blue Seller), 

written by Cristina Bellemo, 2015, ZOOlibri.

- Le Scarpe della Volpe (The Fox and the Shoes), 

written by Cristiana Valentini, 2018, ZOOlibri.

- Querido Monstruo

written by Marisa López Soria, Ed. Verbum



Watercolours, Inks, Pencils

Maria Moya
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